ePS ePostal Services

ePostal Services
Recipients see and open eLetters faster, and respond at higher rates
Your commercial communications gain greater productivity
eLetters reduce your communications expense and technology risk
You know that ePS eLetters are safe and secure
The ePS System improves recipient communications productivity
Recipients get a huge return on investment from using ePostal

ePS delivers more than eLetters - it delivers value!
For both senders and recipients

Value to Senders
Recipients see their ePS eLetterĀ® email sooner, because eLetters are visually differentiated and automatically sorted apart from regular email. Recipients also open and respond to eLetters sooner, because they ascribe much greater value to ePS eLetters. They react to eLetters as they do to premium conventional mail deliveries such as by FedEx and USPS overnight services. Recipients perceive these premium communications — including eLetters — as belonging "on the top of their Inbox", priority-rated, and to be opened first. They also know that eLetters have much less risk due to ePostal's Public Intranet® Security.

You can track each eLetter including notifications of its recipient's receipt and opening, and therefore know sooner when to follow up with your recipient, effectively shortening the communications time-cycle. With ePostal features such as customized incentives for recipients to open eLetters and prepaid recipient replies, you're able to boost the response rates to your eLetters, and even increase your recipients' own productivity. And ePS eLetters can easily satisfy U.S. government mandates for email privacy.

With greater recipient response and lower cost, your ePS eLetters are the fastest and most economically-effective way to deliver your time-critical and most important communications to your clients, customers, vendors, and partners. There are no software, hardware, and setup charges. Sending eLetters is free. There is no technical risk to you — there's no special, expensive, complicated, or aging technology required. And, even more importantly, you and your eLetter are not perceived as a risk by your recipients — they aren't afraid to open your eLetter communications. And, you aren't afraid of opening theirs when they respond back to you through the ePS System.

Value to Recipients
Recipients recognize the value of ePostal's Public Intranet® Security. The sending computer is always known and authenticated. In addition, the individual sender can certify himself as the person who actually sent the eLetter. The eLetter's content is verified for its integrity from beginning to end, and is screened for technical risk. Privacy of the content can be assured with ePS Encryption. And, eLetters are secured in recipient special ePostal folders. The final fact is that recipients, when they receive your eLetter, know it came from you and is safe to open.

eLetters are easy to manage. Recipients know eLetters are differentiated and sorted into special secure folders, away from regular email — making them easy and less time-consuming to locate and view. eLetters are "on top of their Inbox", prioritized, and ready to be opened first. This also enables recipients to manage all their remaining regular email more effectively as well — because all their other email is in only two easily sortable categories: from known email addresses, or from unknown addresses with suspect value, uncertain priority, and greater risk to their technology. Recipients have the same productive ePostal management tools as senders.

There is no fee for the ePS Software. Recipients pay nothing to receive and open eLetters. The bottom line for recipients is — great commercial ePS value, at no cost. Moreover, senders can fund recipients' use of the ePostal System to send their own eLetters with credit incentives for recipients to open eLetters and prepaid recipient replies. Recipients can also easily encrypt an eLetter for assured privacy during storage.

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