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You know where your eLetters are
Once you click your regular email "send" button, do you really know where your email is?
  • Do you know if your recipient has received it?
  • Do you know if your recipient has opened it?
  • Without tracking this information, do you feel you're wasting time?

With the huge growth in email, you and your recipients face a big problem – your recipient's inbox is flooded with daily messages – both legitimate and spam. Your significant email is at large risk of being diverted by junk filters, lost in an over-crowded inbox, or even purged because your recipient can't quickly differentiate your important email from all the others.

And, if your email doesn't get through, you've wasted time waiting to find out it didn't. And, if it did, you've been wasting time guessing when it's time to follow up.

ePostal has your answer. With ePS Tracking, you can time your communications far better. After you click the "Send by ePS" button, you can track your ePS eLetter® email.
  • You know when it's been received
  • You know when your recipient has opened it
  • There's no more waiting and guessing.

As a result, you also know when to follow up. No more uncertainty and wasted time!

This shortened communications cycle not only increases your productivity but also your recipient's. Show your recipient that you are on top of your business, and his. Use ePS Tracking – it's your new kind of "radar" to tell you what time it is.

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