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Standard Features
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  • Encrypted eLetter Storage: To add to your ePS eLetter® email privacy, you can easily encrypt, at no cost, any eLetters stored in your ePS folders, so that no one else can read them, whether or not they had been encrypted previously as a Received or Sent eLetter. Whenever you choose, you can also easily decrypt them at no cost.
  • ePS Encryption is NIST-approved, satisfies privacy-security mandates such as HIPAA, GLB, and EU-Directive, and is accepted for export by the DOC and NSA.


  • Authentication: Every ePS eLetter is authenticated with multiple factors as coming from the known sender's computer.
  • Content Verification: The content of every ePS eLetter is tamper-evident. It is verified as not being altered from the time it was sent to the time it arrives.
  • Screening: The ePostal System screens every eLetter for technical risk to maximize your productivity and security.
  • Folder Security: Only ePS eLetters are stored in ePostal folders. All other emails are locked out. Therefore, every message in an ePS folder is safe to open.


  • Visual Differentiation: Every ePS eLetter is visually differentiated from other email helping you to identify important communications needing immediate attention.
  • Automatic Sorting: eLetters are sorted for you into special ePostal folders, away from all regular email.
  • Economic Prioritization: The ePostal Standard Priority icon reminds you the eLetter has come through the ePS System and has a higher economic priority than regular emails.

Tracking & Productivity

  • One Click Access, on Demand: One click, and you're connected to all the capabilities of the ePS System. You don't need to use ePS services for all your email - only when you choose - and then it's easy.
  • eLetter History: Manage your ePS services with comprehensive and detailed histories of eLetters you have sent and received.
  • Incentives to Open eLetters: Recipients receive an incentive of ePostal credits each time they open an eLetter. This also differentiates your eLetter from all other emails and tells your recipient the eLetter has real economic value.
  • Multiple Accounts: You may have multiple ePostal Accounts - giving you flexibility in how you want to manage your overall use of the ePS services.
  • Multiple Addresses: The ePS System allows you to register multiple email addresses under your Account, or multiple Accounts. You get the same great features with each address.
  • Multiple Computers: You can set up your Account or multiple Accounts on multiple computers. The ePS System gives you unmatched capability and flexibility to use the ePostal services in ways you choose.
  • Easy to Use and Manage: All ePS services are easy to use and work seamlessly with your email application and network. All ePostal procedures such as for managing Account information, viewing credit purchases and usage, viewing eLetter histories, and selecting user software preferences give you options for more productive management of email at your desk and for your network.

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