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Cost to Send ePS eLetters®
Cost to Send an eLetter
Standard Priority eLetter: $0.00
Standard Features (what's included)
Standard Priority  
Delivery Options: (only if selected)
Encryption $0.00
Recipient Certification $0.00
Sender Certification $0.00
Notification of Receipt and Opening $0.00
Premium Priority   $0.00
Prepaid ReplyCost and features equal
Sender's other selections

Other Costs — None
No account setup cost $0.00
No upfront costs $0.00
No ongoing costs $0.00
No technical expertise required $0.00
No IT support needed $0.00
No hardware or software expenses $0.00
No network or network changes needed $0.00
No training required $0.00
No subscription or maintenance fees $0.00
No cost to encrypt eLetters for storage $0.00

  • The Recipient pays nothing.
  • The cost of sending an eLetter is the cost of a Standard eLetter plus the cost of any Options you select.
  • The total cost of an eLetter with multiple Recipients is the single eLetter cost times the number of Recipients.
  • Sender costs are the same whether the Recipient opens the eLetter or not.
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