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IMPORTANT --- READ CAREFULLY: At ePostal Services, Inc. (“ePostal”) our most important asset is our relationship with you. Therefore, this Privacy and Security Policy (“Policy”) is important to you and ePostal. This Policy is incorporated by reference into the ePostal End-User Software License and Services Agreement (“Agreement”), and therefore you should read that Agreement as well. The Agreement is available at www.ePostalServices.com.

We feel privileged that you trust us to safeguard the privacy and security of your information which comes into our possession when you:

  1. Register with ePostal Services for establishing an ePS® Account and obtaining the ePS SoftwareSM ("Software")
  2. Log into and work with your Account via the Software, or at the ePostal Office® or ePOSM Window ("ePO") at www.ePostalServices.com
  3. Use the ePostal® System to send your ePS eLetterSM communications
  4. Visit the ePO but do not log in, perhaps because you have not yet set up your ePostal Account.
In addition, there are other aspects of your privacy regarding the ePostal operations which we hold in great respect and want you to know:
  1. Communications by ePostal Services to you concerning your account and its services
  2. ePS eLetters sent to you by others using the ePostal System

1.   Registering with ePostal for establishing an ePostal account and obtaining the Software

When you sign up with the ePostal System by creating an ePostal Account at the ePO, we require you to give us certain ePostal Personal Information ("ePI"). In fact, if you do not provide this information, you cannot establish an account to use the ePS services. This information is what we require to enter a business relationship with you and to verify you are who you purport to be. This helps protect the eP ostal System, you, and all of its other users and visitors. We do not collect this Personal Information if you are only a visitor to the ePostal Web Site and do not create an ePostal Account.

This registration ePI includes: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Email Address(es), and Phone Number. This information is not given by ePostal to anyone, unless you have given ePostal your consent to do so.

As part of the registration process you are also required to select five (5) security codes: a Login ID, a Password, a Passphrase, a Security Question, and an Answer to the Question. These codes are maintained with the utmost security at the ePO and will be used by the ePostal System to verify to us who you are after registration of your Account. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMEMBERING AND MAINTAINING THE SECURITY OF THESE CODES. YOU SHOULD NOT SHARE THESE SECURITY CODES WITH ANYONE.

In addition, in order to send eLettersSM you must have credits in your ePostal Account (“Credits”). Because purchasing Credits using a credit card is one way to do so, your ePI might also include your credit card information, if you decide to store it for your convenience at the ePO. Our procedures are standard industry security practices with on-line credit card charges. This information is provided to the card processors in an encrypted manner, using customary on-line security methods, order to validate the credit card is creditworthy and useable for the amount of the charge. Also credit card numbers, when stored at the ePO Site, are secured by encryption technology which meets or exceeds on-line industry practices.

In order to purchase Credits for your ePostal Account either through the ePS Software on your computer or at www.ePostalServices.com, you must log into your Account using your Login ID and Password. You acknowledge that you alone are responsible for the security of these security codes. You therefore acknowledge that you are responsible for anyone who can log into your Account and purchase Credits with a credit card for your Account.

These security codes are also used for editing account information and accessing the encryption functions of the ePostal System. Again, you are responsible for the security of these codes and therefore for all of the ePostal features which use them.

The only exception to the above maintenance of your information privacy would be if you and/or we were required to make disclosures of such information by law. For example, you and/or we may be required to disclose such personal information to cooperate with regulatory or law enforcement authorities, to resolve customer disputes, or to perform credit and authentication checks for risk control.

2.   Logging into and working with your account

Whether you log into and work with your Account data via the ePS Software within your email application, or at the ePO site using your web browser, once your Login ID and Password are accepted as valid by the ePO, any data is transmitted in a secure manner between you and the ePO. Any changes, additions, or deletions to the ePI are maintained as securely as the original data which you entered when registering your Account.

3.   Using the ePostal System to send eLetters

It is ePostal’s business to secure your eLetters as you choose to send them through the ePostal System. No one at the ePO will access or read any eLetterSM you send through the System. The only exception might be when a specifically authorized ePostal representative is assigned to investigate an unencrypted eLetter which has problems such as: it contains technical or content risk, it is believed to present a threat to the ePostal System or some other Internet system, or it has some difficulty with its delivery. If you have selected encryption as a feature for an eLetter, no ePostal employee will ever be able to read the eLetter while it is processed at the ePO because it is encrypted. All of the ePostal security features including: authentication of the Sender’s computer, certification of the individual Sender, encrypted privacy, technical and content screening, verification of tamper evident content delivery, and certification of the intended recipient opening the eLetter are meant to provide the privacy and security that you are looking for in the ePostal System. Unauthorized access to any eLetters by ePostal employees, agents and representatives can lead to their dismissal. No eLetters are retained at the ePO, and while they are being processed, they are as confidential and secure as all your stored ePI.

4.   Visiting the ePO site without logging in

You may visit the ePostal Office Window (the ePostalServices.com site) whether or not you have an ePostal Account. Until you log into your Account information, there is no specific way to identify you. However, ePostal may use tracking technologies to observe and learn from visitors’ movements through the ePO site so as to improve on the site’s usefulness to its visitors. None of this information is shared with anyone outside ePostal or on an individual basis.

Any information which you submit to the ePO when you are not logged in, or which is not submitted as part of the Account registration process, such as requests for information about ePostal or its services, technical support questions, and surveys and suggestions to improve the ePostal operations, might not be maintained as confidential information.

5.   Communications to you by ePostal Services

We believe that you, our customers, use the ePostal System because you have important, valuable communications. Therefore, it is important that we communicate with you from time to time about your Account and about your use of or changes in the ePS services, features, and policies. To do this, depending upon the particular communications required, we will contact you by eLetter at your primary email address and/or by phone or mail using the personal information which you have given us.

6.   eLetters sent to you by others using the ePostal System

ePostal Services is a global community of value- and security-oriented eLetter senders and recipients. As such, you will want to use the ePostal System to send your most important email to your recipients. In return, you understand that other ePS customers may want to send their most important eLetters to you. You will receive these eLetters from other ePS senders in the secure and separate ePostal eLetter folders which are created when you set up an ePostal Account and install the ePS Software. These folders are secured so that only eLetters can be put in them. Therefore, you know that the eLetters in these ePS folders have come through the ePostal System, are safe to open, and have the same privacy and security as the eLetters you send to your recipients:
      -   The sender's computer is authenticated
      -   Individual senders can certify themselves
      -   eLetter and attachment contents are verified as exactly the same as sent
      -   They are screened for technical and content risk
      -   The contents have not been seen by anyone at the ePO
      -   If encrypted, the contents have not been seen by anyone
      -   Individual recipients can be certified before an eLetter is opened.

If there is any difference between this Policy and the End-User Agreement, the meaning in the Agreement will hold. Please be sure you fully understand the Agreement. This Policy is incorporated by reference into the Agreement.

If you have any questions about the Policy, or if you believe you know of any privacy or security breach in the eP ostal System, we ask you please to contact us immediately with your information by phone (at 203.321.0377) or by eLetter or email (at Security@ePostalServices.com).

Thank you again for entrusting us with your private information.


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