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ePS Profile: Healthcare Supplies

Another ePS healthcare industry example is KN Home Medical Supplies. Envision it providing a broad range of home health supplies and durable medical equipment to patients and chronic care facilities in a three-county rural area. Its owners and staff have worked hard to build the business – now a valued part of their region's medical infrastructure, providing vital services on a "24/7" basis.

As any company in its industry, to secure payment for those services, KN Home Medical Supplies must submit invoices – and requisite documentation – to a diverse array of insurance companies and health plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, at both state and federal levels. Always an inefficient and cumbersome process, the complexity – and costs – of securing payment were dramatically increased by the federally-legislated HIPAA requirements for safeguarding patients' private health information.

To comply with HIPAA privacy and tracking provisions, KN, until now, has had to use costly USPS Express Mail and other commercial overnight services such as Federal Express. Other electronic communication solutions were precluded by their large, initially required investments and by the large number and geographic diversity of the organizations with which they had to correspond. And, electronic mail – while broadly used by the firm for other routine communications – simply does not provide the needed privacy, security, and tracking capabilities required by HIPAA. In fact, the time and expenses consumed by its staff in meeting these communication requirements were threatening the growth of the business.

Today, by using ePS eLetter® powered email, KN has the means to achieve HIPAA compliance while reducing costs and achieving greater efficiencies. Without expensive special equipment and on an "as needed" basis, its employees can now apply the ePostal assured encrypted privacy, security, sender and recipient certification, tracking, and prepaid service features to their payment invoices, requests for certificates of medical necessity from doctors and hospitals, and other important emails. And, they can do so from their own desktop computers using their regular email setups.

For businesses such as KN Home Medical Supplies – ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! And, they again can spend their time growing the business!

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