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ePS Profile: Consumer Products

As a consumer products profile, picture GCM Merchants — an operator of several high-end luxury home furnishings and antique stores in Manhattan, Miami, and Naples. They have built a successful business by marketing their unique products and services to a highly select and very affluent clientele – principally comprised of retired executives and professionals who divide their time between New York City and Florida.

Given their clients' mobile nature, tracking their whereabouts and maintaining close contact with them has always been an essential operational capability for GCM. In fact, that need – rather than product supply or customer ability to purchase – was identified early on as the principal rate-determining factor for the firm's growth.

Regular mail to their exclusive client list proved useful for periodic image advertising by the firm. However, regular mail proved woefully inadequate for the vital tasks of insuring timely and personalized communications about new products to clients and, thereafter, consummating purchases. And – until now – the utility of email (despite the considerable Internet sophistication of their clients) was limited by the well-known problems of recipient email overload, the perceived risks of regular email, and recipient email filtering and deletion issues, all of which contributed to low email opening rates. As a result, GCM was forced to rely on the costly hard-copy services of the U.S. Post Office, FedEx, and others whenever important client correspondence required assured confidentiality, tracking, and special delivery with recipient signature certification.

Today, GCM is achieving new levels of growth and profitability by using ePS eLetter® services as the core of its individualized client marketing and communications programs. On an "as needed" basis and from their normal office computers, their employees are now able to access and apply ePostal assured encrypted privacy, security, sender and recipient certification, and tracking to their most important outbound emails and attachments. And, they can also provide for prepaid responses by clients back through the ePS System. When teamed with their highly attractive website and richly illustrated electronic catalogues, the use of eLetters can result in more effective customer relations and service... which is so important to GCM's clientele. All of this has led to more – and more profitable – business transactions, even outside its traditional market areas.

For businesses like GCM Merchants – ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! And, with that, their prospects for continued success have been greatly enhanced.

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