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ePS Profile: Medical Offices

You may consider MSA Medical & Surgical Associates as an example of a moderate-size physicians office that offers general and specialized physician services, as either a stand-alone business or part of a multi-office regional network. In this case, MSA serves the residents of a two-county portion of its state, working together with three area hospitals and various public health agencies.

High-quality diagnostic and treatment services are the foundation of their continuing success. But they are also keenly aware that efficient and secure communications with patients, other physician groups, laboratories, and insurers is essential for responsive, cost-effective, and accountable health care delivery.

During the past few years, progress has been made in computerizing their internal operations as well as patient records. Similar advances have been achieved in digitalizing standard insurance forms and claims procedures. Plus, email has become the favored means of internal coordination among the group's physicians and administrative staffers. But the flow of important patient data and paperwork remained flawed by the absence of a dependable and low-cost means of sharing essential electronic – and HIPAA protected – information with health professionals outside their group and with insurance payors. And, to span that gap, they were forced to make extensive – and expensive – use of premium mail, tracking, and certification services of their local U.S. Post Office, FedEx, and other such hard-copy delivery services.

Today, MSA and others like it can solve that communications linkage problem by using ePS eLetter® protected email to communicate important patient information electronically to others outside their practice. And, given increasing insurance coverage for internet consultations, they can experiment with patient-directed eLetter programs as well. Without any additional capital investment and with a single click on their computers – they can now apply ePostal assured encrypted privacy, security, tracking, prepaid responses, and other services to outbound emails. It's an easy, one-click encryption for transmission to multiple recipients and also for storage, all with the user's regular email setup. The results: greater effectiveness and efficiency, plus HIPAA-compliant protection of confidential patient health information... all achieved within a seamless electronic communications environment.

For businesses such as MSA Medical & Surgical Associates — ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! And, it helps them "put their patients first"... while improving their own operational profitability.

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