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ePS Profile: Law Firms

Envision EABT Legal Associates as a medium-sized law firm, providing a wide range of general legal services for businesses and individuals. As such, it maintains a continuous and heavy flow of written communications to a broad and diverse group of clients and other contacts.

For most of that correspondence, it is imperative that EABT take special measures to guarantee its confidential and secure delivery. And, for some of that correspondence, EABT also must certify themselves as sender, track its delivery, and then verify not only the receipt but also the recipient. In some cases, it is good business practice and even necessary to prepay reply expenses to insure sufficient responsiveness, confidentiality, and security on the client replies.

Electronic correspondence is widely, and increasingly, used by the firm's staff for various routine administrative and personal communications — but, until now, email has not offered the capabilities necessary for handling EABT's most important mail. Instead, those needs have required EABT's support staff to make special daily trips to the local U.S. Post Office to purchase premium services for such letters, e.g., proof of mailing, certification, registration, special delivery, or overnight delivery. And, the costs of doing so — in terms of both direct expenses and inefficient use of employee time — have become increasingly onerous. And, its clients are upset at seeing such "Advanced Expenses" on their monthly invoices.

Today, by using ePS eLetter® protected email, EABT Legal Associates can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness while substantially reducing costs. Without expensive special equipment and on an "as needed" basis, their employees can now apply ePostal encryption and security features (plus its tracking and prepaid reply services, if required) to their most important outbound emails. And, they can do this from their own workstations while using their regular email setups. All of this results in not only improved communications productivity for their professional staff but also their ability to engage their clients more directly and frequently... which translates into client recognition of a higher level of service and responsiveness.

For firms such as EABT Legal Associates — ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! And they have improved billing hours per professional and total hours billed. Their clients also like the reduced invoice expenses.

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