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ePS Profile: Individuals

ePostal has as many Individual Profiles as Industry Business Profiles. Whether you are an Individual or a Business — what's key is ePostal can give both of you:

the Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive way
to keep your email
Private, Secure, Tracked, and Differentiated.

  • If you are an Individual, and if your emails have important commercial and monetary value, or if they contain confidential information which must be kept absolutely private, or if you want to avoid email security risks such as identity-theft, or if you need to track your email to know when they are received and opened, or if you want your recipient to notice them faster – ePostal is your answer.

    ePostal is easy to set up and use. You don't need any technical expertise, or IT support, or any expensive network, hardware, or software, or to spend hours learning something technical and complex that you have no interest in learning.

    And very importantly, ePostal is inexpensive. It's the least expensive way: no setup costs or subscription fees. You get free ePostal Credits to try it. You also get free Credits whenever you open the ePS eLetter® email you receive.
  • If you are a Business, you should know ePS supports not only your Business-to-Business communications, but also Business-to-Individual and Individual-to-Business. Your Individual communication partners need the same email Privacy, Security, Tracking, and Differentiation as you do — ePostal is your answer.

    If your business is like any other ePS Profiled company in Medical Offices, Healthcare Supplies, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Financial Services, Management Consultants, Membership Associations, and Consumer Products, you have untapped business opportunities waiting in communicating by email with your Individual Customers. ePostal can help you unlock those commercial possibilities.

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