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ePS Profile: Financial Services

CPX Asset Management is your typical higher-potential independent investment company, providing financial services and consulting to small businesses and professionals within the rural areas of its large state. In this case, CPX is affiliated with several major national firms, and its success depends on its ability to source, sell, and support various financial products to a diverse and geographically widespread client base – and to do so efficiently and profitably.

As such, responsive and effective client communications is an essential capability for firms like CPX – and one in which the company has invested considerable time, expertise, and money. While making good use of traditional communications means, CPX is also typically thwarted in its efforts to integrate direct emails to clients more effectively into its service support and promotion programs.

Despite making extensive use of email internally and having an attractive and informative website – the limitations of conventional email and the restrictions of industry-government mandates on assured confidentiality have made it impossible as an easy tool for directly reaching out to and communicating with clients. As a result, the company has been forced to rely on various conventional direct mail campaigns and telephone solicitations – plus the costly hard-copy services of the U.S. Post Office and FedEx whenever they needed proof of mailing, tracking, recipient certifying signatures, or overnight delivery.

Today, using ePS eLetter® email capabilities, CPX can expand the boundaries of its business. Without any capital investment but using their own computers and regular email setups – its professionals can apply ePostal encrypted privacy, security, sender and recipient certification, tracking, and prepaid reply capabilities to their most important client emails. And, because eLetters are differentiated from other emails, they are seen and opened faster by clients, leading to unprecedented response rates and greatly improved interaction levels. The results: more productive relationships, greater service opportunities, and increasing revenue and profitability.

For businesses like CPX Asset Management – ePostal Services can unlock the commercial power of email! And it has given them a unique strategic competitive advantage in acquiring and keeping clients.

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