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ePS Profile: Management Consultants

Another exemplary case of a professional firm is BCS Management Consultants, offering strategic planning and business development advice and assistance to high-tech electronics companies in the Boston-Washington corridor. Founded in the mid-1990s by a university professor, the firm thrived during the volatile dot com era, and is especially well known for its expertise in the fields of electronic gaming and entertainment.

Typical of its served industry, BCS operates in a highly digital environment, interacting with clients with similar technical sophistication. As such, its home office is fully computerized and its professionals are fully "in the loop" whether they're at home or on assignment at a client's facility – plus email is the medium of choice for routine internal and external communications.

Given that, the firm has been sensitive to the inefficiencies and irony of having to fall back on "snail mail" and the premium services of their local U.S. Post Office, FedEx, and other hard-copy delivery companies when confidentiality, security, proof of mailing, individual certification, special delivery or similar correspondence needs arose. But – until now – the reality was that the privacy, security, tracking, and differentiation limitations of email precluded its use for their most important business communications.

Today, by using ePS eLetter® enhanced capabilities, BCS can take a major step toward fully electronic communications with, and from, its clients. With no capital investment and from their own workstations and office software, the firm's professionals can access and apply ePostal assured encrypted privacy, security, sender and recipient certification, and tracking to their most important outbound emails and attachments. Plus, with the standard differentiating features of eLetters, their clients see, open, and respond to those messages with greater speed. The result: greater operational efficiency, expanded client interactions, improved client satisfaction, more business, and lower costs.

For professional firms like BCS Management Consultants – ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! And, their reputations as "cutting edge" consultancies can be reinforced.

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