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ePS Profile: Associations

A business association typical of this industry is NYMJM which represents the interests of fine and costume jewelry manufacturers throughout its U.S. region. It is engaged with its membership in developing prospective new markets, negotiating industry advertising, harnessing the joint influence of its members to confront competitive threats, and lobbying federal and state legislators on matters of common interest.

As such, the Association must maintain close and continuing communications with its highly diverse membership as well as a multitude of distributors, retailers, advertising agencies, and other contacts nationwide. And in doing so, they must closely control costs while still projecting an upscale image – thus demanding polished and targeted, as well as effective, communications.

While NYMJM makes heavy internal use of conventional email, they have found email of limited utility as the backbone of their most important communications campaigns. Due to the widespread problems of recipient email overload, perceived risks of regular email by recipients, and recipient email filtering and deletion issues, they simply could not depend on regular email to reach, and be opened by, their intended recipients – thus reducing its effectiveness even with their own membership. And so, when a high rate of opening was required, the Association was forced to send its correspondence hard-copy – by increasingly costly certified USPS mail or by FedEX-type express services.

Today, by using ePS eLetter® email services, the NYMJM can achieve the effective differentiation it needs for its most important communications, improving greatly message response rates and its service to members, while at the same time reducing its costs significantly. Now, its electronic messages arrive in a specially-marked ePS Inbox – differentiated, secure, and apart from all its recipients' regular email. Because they are known-to-be-safe eLetters, they are opened and read before other regular email and conventional mail. And, the Association staff can do this on an "as needed" basis from their own office computers, using their regular email setups.

For organizations such as the NYMJM Association – ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! It is also helping increase the number of companies represented and the number of individual members per company.

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