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ePS Profile: Accounting Firms

REG Accountants could be any typical specialized accounting firm, focused on small to moderate sized businesses, and providing a full menu of advisory, bookkeeping, and tax services. In REG's case, they've specialized over a decade to catering to a growing number of new and established restaurants in the suburbs of a major American city. The firm prides itself on its strong technical skills and its thorough understanding of the intricacies of the restaurant business.

To perform its services, REG maintains a 30-person state-of-the-art office, including the latest accounting and business software, and maintains near-daily contact with its clients. Given the sensitivity of the information involved, it is most-often necessary for the firm's professionals to take special steps to guarantee the confidentiality of their clients' information including the need to certify, track, and verify the receipt of their correspondence to clients. This might frequently also require the same privacy and tracking for their clients' return responses.

While the firm uses email extensively for internal communications and various routine external administrative messaging, email has not – until now – proved suitable for their most important and sensitive client correspondence, especially because of the growing number of state and federal mandates on their responsibilities for assuring the confidentiality of their clients' financial information. Instead, multiple daily visits have been required to the premium services window of the local U.S. Post Office to obtain proof of mailing, certification, special delivery or other such necessary, and costly, services.

Today, by using ePS eLetter® enhanced email, REG can provide enhanced services to their clients, with greater efficiency and lower costs. From their own workstations and using their regular email setup, the firm's employees can access and apply ePostal Services encrypted privacy, security, tracking, and other services to their most important outbound emails. Plus, the special differentiating features of eLetters insure that their clients see and open the message and supporting attachments immediately upon arrival. The result: a much improved communications productivity – plus the very valuable perception by clients that the firm is doing "something special" for them... which in turn differentiates REG.

For accounting firms such as REG – ePostal Services has unlocked the commercial power of email! And it can help their already successful businesses, and revenues, grow even more quickly, with less expense.

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