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Encryption that's easier, more useful, and less expensive

More easily than watching an image of cascading green data, prying eyes armed with inexpensive, readily obtainable hacking software can spy on, read, collect, and change your unprotected email as it cascades across the Internet. For these peering eyes, your email is no challenge – as reported regularly in the news, they can steal into fire-wall protected business and government databases.

Because of this fact, governments and industries are increasingly mandating that email with confidential personal and business information must be encrypted to assure its privacy. However, setting up encryption systems requires lots of technical skill and money.

For most businesses and individuals, the costs and technical requirements are prohibitive. In addition, the one-way-direction, inconvenient-to-recipient, IT intensive, and expensive encryption solutions used by some large companies are really no solutions at all since recipients themselves still have no encrypted means to email back.

ePostal has the answer. ePS Privacy gives you an easy, one click, two-way, industrial strength encrypted and secure capability for your ePS eLetter® emails and attachments.

Let the prying eyes try as they may – confidentiality for you and your recipients is now assured, whether it is within a network or on the Internet – anywhere in the world.

The ePostal System is NIST-approved, satisfies privacy-security mandates such as HIPAA, GLB, and EU-Directive, and is accepted for export by the DOC and NSA.

All the work is done by ePS within your own email application. No technical skill is needed to set up or use the service. You can send an encrypted ePS eLetter to multiple recipients. And, you can encrypt any eLetter for storage at no cost.

ePostal — the Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive way

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