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Recipients see, open and respond to ePS eLetters far faster than regular email.

Because they ascribe much greater value and much less risk to eLetters.
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  • Encryption: Sending encrypted ePS eLetter® email is easy. Selecting ePS Encryption requires only the click of a button. No technical knowledge or expensive equipment or software is necessary. It's also easy to decrypt eLetters you receive.
  • ePostal works with your regular email setup. There's no need to leave your email
    application to receive encrypted eLetters. They arrive in your email application and
    are stored in a secure folder.

    ePS Encryption is NIST-approved, satisfies privacy-security mandates such as
    HIPAA, GLB, and EU-Directive, and is accepted for export by the DOC and

    – All encryption keys are managed by ePostal. You don't need to obtain or distribute
    any encryption keys to your email partners. With just your own one-time setup, you
    can use ePostal with all other ePS users.

    – Encryption keys are used only once, and with one-click, you can send an encrypted
    eLetter to multiple recipients.

    – And remember, eLetter encryption for storage privacy is a free Standard Feature
    you can use whenever you choose.


  • Sender Certification: Give your eLetter extra security and validity by certifying to your recipient that you personally are the sender rather than someone else who might obtain access to your computer.
  • Recipient Certification: Recipients must certify themselves to open your encrypted eLetter. Then you know it was indeed your recipient who opened it and not someone else.

Tracking & Productivity

  • Notification of Receipt and Opening: You know when your eLetter was received and opened, all with recipient knowledge. You also get the added security of a complete, confirmed tracking record of your eLetter's transmission and delivery from you through ePostal processing to receipt and opening.
  • Prepaid Replies: Make it easy for your recipient to respond back to you via the ePostal System — quickly and at no cost to the recipient, but rich in information for you.


  • Premium Priority: Tell recipients your eLetter is of highest priority, even above other eLetters, by choosing the ePostal Premium Priority icon. Your recipients will know these Premium eLetters have greater value and will open them sooner.

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