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ePostal® Internet Messaging Patent Approved by Canada
Recently launches easy, free, secure & encrypted email services

Wellsville, NY – December 1, 2014 – ePostal Services, Inc. (ePS®) announces ePostal® patent approval by Canada.

ePS owns, uses, and provides the technology for processing encrypted, secure, and other on-demand premium services to internet communications and messaging systems. Patents for this messaging technology are now issued in the US, Europe, Japan, India, China, Russia, Mexico, and Canada. Applications are pending in Brazil. US patents are #7,502,828 and #7,627,640.

Recently, ePS also launched its global, easy to setup, secure, encrypted, and tracked email services - free to customers. Currently, ePostal supports Microsoft Outlook users and plans expansion to others given its interoperability among email applications, regardless of user devices.

"Patent approvals across major patent offices give ePostal significantly-reinforcing global rights to fundamental technology," said President Jon Gardner, "which is better and easier than other more cumbersome, limited, and expensive methods. The ePS technology is applicable not only to email but also to other types of internet messaging systems, and is interoperable among different platforms such as pc's, tablets, and phones."

The inventive elements of the technology include a cloud-based server interacting securely with software at a user's messaging application, and a fully autonomous secure communications system between senders, recipients, and central servers to process and manage messaging and services.

As embodied in the ePostal premium email service, the technology essentially gives its users a software-defined, global virtual-network which allows senders to select from a host of superior, on-demand premium services, including easy email encryption for sending and storage, sender and recipient authentication, secure storage folders, advanced tracking, and email differentiation - without any need to leave their regular messaging application.

"We expect to add other secure features such as large file transfer and media-enhanced content," Gardner noted. "In addition, ePostal's services are very easy to use and within the economic and technical reach of businesses and individuals, worldwide.

"No software expense or new hardware is needed. No technical expertise or network changes. ePostal requires no user involvement in encryption certificates or encryption keys. Users just select the features for their email, and ePostal does the rest.

"We expect the patented technology combined with a rapid expansion of customers from the launch of free services will lead to significant strategic and investment partnerships, both U.S. and foreign."

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