1. Introduction to the ePS System
1.1 Learning About ePS Services
1.2 Exploring the ePS Software
1.3 Exploring the ePostal Web Site
1.4 Logging In to the ePostal Office Window
2. Getting Started With ePS
2.1 Creating an ePostal Account
2.2 Downloading and Installing the ePS Software
2.2.1 Linking Your ePostal Account to the ePS Software
2.3 Buying ePostal Credits
2.4 Helping Email Partners Create ePS Accounts
2.5 Maintenance and Troubleshooting
2.5.1 Updating the ePS Software
2.5.2 Checking/Updating Your Credits Balance on Your Computer
2.5.3 Using Logging
3. Sending eLetters
3.1 Process of Sending eLetters
3.2 Understanding Standard eLetter Features
3.3 Selecting eLetter Delivery Options
3.3.1 Choosing a Priority Class
3.3.2 Using Encryption
3.3.3 Using Sender Certification
3.3.4 Using Notification Options
3.3.5 Giving Prepaid Replies
3.4 Saving Delivery Options Settings
3.5 Costs of Sending eLetters
3.6 Working With ePS Folders
4. Receiving eLetters
4.1 Process of Receiving an eLetter
4.2 Decrypting eLetters
4.3 Incentives to Open eLetters
4.4 Replying to an eLetter
4.5 Replying to an eLetter When Your Reply Was Prepaid
4.6 Receiving Credits for Opening Received eLetters
5. Managing eLetters
5.1 Displaying eLetter Histories: Sent
5.2 Displaying eLetter Histories: Received
5.3 Displaying Sent eLetter Delivery Details
5.4 Displaying Received eLetter Delivery Details
6. Buying and Managing ePostal Credits
6.1 Using ePostal Credits
6.2 Buying ePostal Credits
6.3 Checking/Updating Your Credits Balance
6.4 Displaying Your Credits History
6.5 Receiving ePostal Credits for Opening Received eLetters
7. Managing Account and Security Information
7.1 Switching Accounts
7.2 Editing Account Information
7.3 Editing Customer Information
7.4 Editing Security Information
7.5 Editing Credit Card Information
7.6 If You Forgot Your Password
7.7 Changing Your Password
7.8 If Your Forgot Your Passphrase
7.9 Changing Your Passphrase
7.10 Changing Your Security Question and Answer
7.11 Sharing an Email Address
8. Setting User Preferences
8.1 Setting Default Delivery Options
8.2 Setting Alerts for When New eLetters Arrive
8.3 Automating Decryption
8.4 Setting Notifications for eLetter Receipt and Opening
8.5 Viewing or Printing an eLetter's Tracking Number and Delivery Options
8.6 Changing the Location of the ePS Menu
8.7 Setting ePS Startup Options
8.8 Messages for Recipients
8.9 Displaying Send by ePS Buttons
9. Multiple Accounts, Addresses, and Computers
9.1 Using ePS With Multiple Accounts
9.2 Using ePS With Multiple Email Addresses
9.3 Using ePS With Multiple Computers
9.4 Switching Accounts
9.5 Sharing an Email Address

10. Customer Profiles

11. Frequently Asked Questions