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The ePS Technology

ePostal Services, Inc. has created the ePostal® System, a unique Internet email delivery service that, working with your regular email setup, cost-effectively solves the four major problems which constrain the commercial use of email: These four problems are known threats of substantial risk and cost to commercial email — as proven by the actions of government, health care, banking, investment, legal, and other commercial organizations to encrypt, secure, track, and differentiate Internet email containing confidential health, financial, client-attorney, employee, customer, and other business information.

The technologies and inventions that comprise the ePostal System are protected by ePostal Services' rights in approved and pending patents filed in: United States, China, Japan, India, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.

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Questions concerning ePostal Services' technologies should be directed to: CTO@ePostalServices.com

Using the ePostal® System with your regular email setup, you can communicate by email across the Internet around the world, easily and inexpensively, without technical support, and with the same or greater privacy, security, tracking, and differentiation as if you and your recipients were in one corporate intranet network.

ePS Encryption is NIST-approved, satisfies privacy-security mandates such as HIPAA, GLB, and EU-Directive, and is accepted for export by the DOC and NSA.

The System does this with its Public Intranet® Technology and its ePostal Office® Window.
The Public Intranet® Technology provides the restricted-access, security, and privacy capabilities of a major corporate network — without the major expense and required technical resources — while, at the same time, having the generally-available, accessible-on-demand, easy-to-use, and inexpensive qualities of a public telecommunications utility.
The ePostal Office® Window gives its users immediate access to, and an easy interface with, the richly productive and unmatched features of the Public Intranet Technology.

How does it work? It's easy.
By clicking the new “Send by ePS” button on your email application (and using your regular Internet service provider), you can access (whenever you choose) the ePostal Office Window. At that ePOSM Window, you can quickly and easily select ePostal special-delivery features which transform your email into powerful ePS eLetter® communications — giving you and your recipients the valuable benefits of assured privacy, intranet security, unmatched tracking, and unique differentiation.
For example, your eLetter arrives visually differentiated from all regular email. It is sorted to and stored in a secure, separate ePS Inbox. It is authenticated as coming from your computer. It can even be certified as coming from you. And, you can require your recipient's certification before the eLetter will open. Your eLetter and attachments are verified as being exactly the same as you sent. It all can be encrypted to assure your privacy during transmission and arrival. And, you can be notified of its receipt and opening. In addition, any eLetter can be encrypted to assure its privacy during storage. All of these and more you can do — inexpensively and without the need of a network or technical expertise.

There's no cost or technical expertise needed to set up and get started.
No software expense or new hardware is required. You use the ePS services only when you choose. As with conventional mail, only the sender pays — a small ePostal fee for each eLetter sent. Like buying a book of stamps, a user buys a block of ePS credits, and the cost of sending an eLetter is deducted from the sender's Account each time an eLetter is sent. The recipient of an eLetter pays nothing. No technical expertise or IT Department time is required to set up and use the System. There is no risk or cost to try it — you get free trial credits when you create your Account. Seeing is believing.

ePostal — the Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive way

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works with Microsoft Windown Vista and 7

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