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Growth of legitimate commercial email is still more than 20% per year. Add in nuisance email, and your recipients are flooded with waves of greater and greater email volumes. Your problem is the increasingly greater challenge in capturing their attention to see and open – never mind respond to – your most important email communications, even if they are expecting them.

ePostal is your answer. ePS gives you the solution to meet this challenge of making your message stand out from all the other similar looking emails.

ePS Differentiation does this. Upon arrival in your recipient's computer, your ePS eLetter® email is visually and physically differentiated from regular email. It's given a bright, visual ePS Priority Indicator, and sorted into its own secure ePS eLetter folder and away from all regular high-risk, low priority email. An ePS New eLetter Received message alerts your recipient that your high priority, safe-to-open eLetter is waiting in the recipient's ePS Inbox.

A good analogy is your receipt of a hard-copy document in the differentiating envelope of an express delivery service such as FedEx and UPS. The ePS eLetter message, like the hard-copy express delivery package, is known as premium paid for, significant in value, priority-rated, on top of the pile, and deserving to be opened first.

In addition, the ePS eLetter is known to be secure, and therefore known to be safe to open. It is not only far more secure than any regular email, but also it is even safer to open than any express delivery package.

The ePS System – because it is differentiated and safe, not only will your recipient see your ePS eLetter sooner, your recipient will open it – and respond to it – sooner.

ePS is also different because it will save you a lot of money.

ePostal — the Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive way

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