ePS ePostal Services

ePostal Services

The power of eLetters
Recipients see, open and respond to ePS eLetters far faster than regular email —

because they ascribe much greater value and much less risk to eLetters.

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ePostal Delivery Features
Transform your regular email into powerful ePS eLetter® communications

ePostal Features are the building blocks in ePS Solutions

For email Privacy, Security, Tracking, and Differentiation.

They come in two categories:

Standard Features »  These comprise and empower each and every one of your eLetters.
Premium Options  »  You decide which you need and when you need them, with one click.

ePostal — the Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive way

Did you know?
  • eLetters are free. Recipients also pay nothing.
  • The ePS System works easily and seamlessly with your email application and network.
  • ePostal Help has answers to all your questions.

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