ePS ePostal Services

ePostal is the Least Expensive
ePostal costs far less than more complex, less robust, secure email alternatives
ePostal Services
ePS is the Best

ePS is the Easiest

Upfront costs:
No technical expertise is required
No IT support is needed
No network is required
No hardware or software expense
You can set up ePS in minutes
No or minimal training needed
Easy to extend across your email partners
There is no risk or cost to try ePS
Subtotal $0.00

Ongoing expense:
No cost to encrypt eLetters for storage
Subtotal $0.00

Per use charges:
Each sent eLetter, incl. attachments, with:
     Standard ePS Priority and Security 0.00
Typical Options & only if selected:
     Encrypted Privacy 0.00
     Sender Certification 0.00
     Recipient Certification 0.00
     Notification of Receipt and Opening 0.00
Subtotal $0.00
Total $0.00

Other Email Security Solutions
No competitor offers all the ePS features

Implementation of a comparable system
will require all or some of:

Upfront costs:
Managing complex, technical IT issues
Expensive in-house and consulting IT support
A network and its maintenance
Hardware and software purchases & contracts
A lengthy period of design and implementation
Extended user training and help-desk expenses
Limited potential communication partners
High risk and cost of failure
Subtotal $$

Ongoing expense:
Regular IT support and training
Subscription and license fees
Subtotal $$

Per use charges:

Another service costs per use 28 times what
ePS does for one of its Options.

And – that service does only half as much.

Subtotal $$
Total $$$$$$

ePostal is also
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