ePS ePostal Services
ePostal is the Best ePostal is the Easiest ePostal is the Least Expensive Privacy Features Security Features Tracking Features Differentiation Features
ePostal is the best The Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive Way to Keep Your Email Private, Secure, Tracked and Differentiated
ePostal is the best Try it Now See a Demo
ePostal – The Best ... with an unrivaled set of features

Two-Way, One-Click, Industrial Strength Encrypted Privacy

Recipients can reply to ePS senders using the same ePostal privacy and security
ePS works with user's regular email setup
Easy encrypt-decrypt in send-receive
All encryption keys are managed by ePS
Encryption keys are used only once
ePS Encryption is NIST & NSA approved
No need to leave email app to get eLetters
No user technical knowledge needed
No user need to obtain or distribute keys
Multi-recipients in one encrypted eLetter
And satifies HIPAA, GLB, & EU-Directive

Two-Way, Comprehensive, Authenticated eLetter Security

Assures recipients that your eLetters are safe to open
Multi-authentication of sending computer
Certifies individual senders, and recipients
Screens for technical risk, e.g. viruses
Verifies message & attachment content
Stores eLetters in secure folders
Easy encrypt-decrypt in eLetter storing

Unequalled Tracking & Priority Differentiation

Gives end-to-end eLetter tracking – and speeds up response-cycle times
Notifies sender of receipt, and opening
Time-stamped processing
Alerts recipient to arrival of new eLetter
Stores eLetters apart from regular email
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